Beachwood offers interior design and decoration for residential and commercial projects, both locally and online. Our interior design and decorating service is personal, professional and enjoyable. We have a strong team who have tremendous experience in being able to create a home that you feel connected to, is timeless in its style and yet fresh and unique. We are passionate about what we do and the changes we can help make to every space.

Interior Design & Decoration 

Our Interior Design and Decoration service starts at $550 (for step one and two listed below) for the local area and then increases depending on the travel time.   

STEP ONE - We initially come to your house and look at the spaces (or whole house) that you are wanting to focus on. We'll be taking photos, measurements
and talking with you about what you like and how you’d like your home to feel. The initial consultation takes roughly 1- 2 hours.

STEP TWO - We then invite you back to the shop roughly 2 weeks later to go over our suggestions. During this meeting we will present
you with a comprehensive list of items, images, prices, dimensions and samples where necessary. You are then free to choose which elements you would like to begin with. 


E-Design and Decorating Services

We also offer an E-Interior Design service which is ideal during the current restrictions, but also perfect for those who don’t live nearby but would love our advice. If you are in an area with bad internet reception, we can work together with photos of your home over email. For this service, get in touch with us and we can discuss what we need to get started. Our customers have been really enjoying our online experience and feel that so much can be achieved via Zoom or Facetime. 

For our E-Service, the pricing structure is based on a per room basis, as we find our online clients are often wanting to focus on a specific area or two . The fee for professional advice and service is well worth the investment to avoid those online mistakes when something arrives that didn't look like the image.  



Send an email and we will get back to you
or phone us on (02) 9918 7162

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