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8 Ways To Cosy Up Your Bedroom For Winter

We are never quite prepared for Sydney winters - we seem to forget how chilly they can be!  And though many may associate Beachwood with beach style living (the name perhaps?) we thought we'd share a couple of decorating ideas to warm up your bedroom throughout the winter.


1. Incorporate Timber Touches

Whether light or dark tones, rustic or clean lined styles - adding small details of natural timber will bring a sense of warmth to your bedroom.  You can choose to redo your flooring or use wallpaper to replicate timber boards and add warmth to your walls.  Our Elm Bedsides, Coast Bedsides with timber tops or Elm Stools work perfectly to achieve the look.

Cosy Up Your Bedroom For Winter - Elm Bedside or Timber Stool

2. Choose Soft Lighting

Days are not only cooler but shorter and there's less natural light coming into the home.  Brighten up the room by adding floor lamps and bedside lamps - swap out cool bulbs with warm, soft lighting to create a more natural and relaxed environment.

8 Ways To Cosy Up Your Bedroom For Winter


3. Dress Up Your Windows

Don't skip on window treatments! Add curtains to bare windows and keep the cold drafts at bay.  We suggest using heavy drapes for the winter months, neutral coloured fabrics will keep in balance with the room while darker drapes or heavy patterns can make the room feel a bit more snug.  Get in touch if you need assistance with your curtains & blinds - we have a wide range of fabrics in store and an experienced team to help you decide.

Draped Curtains & Blinds

4. Add An Area Rug

If you have wooden floors, then you know the awful feeling of having your feet step on the stone cold floor first thing in the morning!  Area rugs are your solution.  Choosing a plush, soft rug will instantly add warmth to your bedroom. We particularly love the Armadillo Andorra & Winnow woollen range - a great fibre option for the bedroom, wool is durable, versatile and has great insulation properties to keep you warm.  Visit our Showroom in Warriewood or Shop in Avalon, we have a range of rug samples you can take home.

Armadillo & Co Wool Rugs for Winter - 8 Ways To Cosy Up Your Bedroom For WinterImage source: Armadillo


5. Accessorise with a Winter Colour Palette

Deep colours such as rustic reds, mustard yellows and forest greens echo the falling leaves in the chilly environment outdoors.  Use cushions, throws and accessories in those tones mixed with neutral hues to update your colour scheme. 

8 Ways To Cosy Up Your Bedroom For Winter 

6. Bedding - Layer Textures & Fabrics

Be it clothes or bedding, winter is all about layering.  Play around with different textures and fabrics which will help to trap in heat.  You can switch your lightweight cotton sheets to fleece or even flannel and avoid getting into an ice cold bed.  Add a thick wool, knit or faux fur throw at the foot of the bed to create an inviting and cosy space.

8 Ways to Cosy Up Your Bedroom For Winter 

7. Bring Nature Indoors

Incorporating an indoor plant to the room will always freshen up any space.  For cool winter weather, we suggest choosing ferns, dried up branches or pampas grass in a nice vase or ceramic pot.

8 Ways To Cosy Up Your Bedroom For Winter


8. Plenty of Pillows

Pillows, pillows & more pillows - there's nothing more inviting than a bed covered in them, demanding you to jump right in! Look for different textures and play with patterns for contrast.  Explore all of our Eadie & Walter G range available at our Warriewood Showroom & Avalon Shop.

8 Ways To Cosy Up Your Bedroom For Winter